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Yarden performs in many EDM and House festivals and stages around the world. Her EDM sets have been chosen to open mega events such as DJ Marshmello, The Chainsmokers, Sean Paul, Flo Rida, Nervo, DJ Coone. and many more. Her live performance has also been invited to international events such as the NYC Pride parade, the Celebrate Israel Parade, international ski parties, biat parties, and many more.

DJ Marshmello opening act

Opening act for Afrojack

NYC Pride Parade

Opening act for The Chainsmokers

TLV Pride Parade

Boat Party In Greece:​

מסיבת יאכטה ביוון:

Apre ski party in France:

מסיבת אפרה סקי באלפים הצרפתים:​

מסיבת חוף באיטליה:

Celebrate Israel Parade in Manhattan, New York 2017

מסיבת אפרה סקי באלפים הצרפתים:​

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